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So. My grandparents came to my house with no warning, made me grab some stuff, and then carted me away to their house to watch the cats for the next three days. No comic this week I guess. But because I feel bad about that, I'll be doing a 31 days of Halloween Doodly type thing once October starts. I should probably list what I'm going to do for each do so I can get to work. They will also all be traditional because now I have access to a scanner. :> I'm also way better at making traditional spookity.

1. The Halloween Tree (A TV movie from 1993 explaining how Halloween and similar holidays are celebrated all over the world. Also some kids have to sacrifice years from their lives so their friend can live longer. Cause he fuckin' DIED in the beginning of the movie.)

2. Hocus Pocus (The cat, the zombie, and the little dead girl chillin'.)

3. The Addams Family (I once watched a 36 hour marathon of the old live action series, back when I was eight.)

4. Scary Godmother (What? I like them...)


5. Jeff the Killer (I'll have to refresh my memory on what a mutilated human corpse looks like. Rotten here I come. :>)

6. Eyeless Jack (I'll also have to remind myself what an open human chest cavity looks like...What? Did you think I looked up Bunny GIFs in my spare time? Well. I do, but not as often as dead people, and mutilated corpses.)

7. Laughing Jack (Trick or treating with human skulls as a candy bag~)

8. BEN DROWNED (Burning little fucks.)

9. Sally (Having a tea party...of the dead. //Shot for mildly irrelevant Markiplier reference//)

10. The Slendy-Dude (Yes, I know. NOT A CREEPYPASTA. But I wanted to do him and I ran out of room on the list.)

11. That Smile Doge (I am awful at drawing poochers too. Especially his deformed ass.)


12. Bonnie (Cause he usually moves first.)

13. Chica (The next to move.)

14. Foxy (That silly douche is the next people see moving usually.)

15. Freddy 'The Teddy' Fazbear (Next to move.)

16. Goldie Fazbutt (Not everyone gets to even see this guy, so he be last.)


17. The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy (The one with Jack. :> )

18. The Peanuts ((It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.) The artist Charles Schulz is from MN :3 )

19. Invader Zim (Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom)

20. Recess ((The Night of the Living Finsters) Sweet baby Jesus this one gave my 5 year old self a panic attack.)

21. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Nightmare Night you truckers.)

22. 22 means two pictures :D Courage The Cowardly Dog (This cute little guy right here. TRAUMATIZE HIM. <3) And Scooby Doo. (I'll probably have them hangin' with Ghost Adventures Like 'What's up? Real Ghosts? Neato.')

23. On Holiday's Halloween inhabitants (Little bit of info for those of you scratching your heads, this is one of my original ideas. Holiday is a planet, and on it there is a country for every holiday, some that are similar to other holidays like Dia De Los Muertos is to Halloween, are kind of extreme allies/unions. There's also states in each country which show off the earlier traditions, origins, modern celebrations, and the purely corporate versions of each holiday. :>)

24. Johnny The Homicidal Maniac (HOW COULD I NOT?)


25. BeetleJuice (YUP.)

26. Edward Scissorhands (MMHMMM.)

27. James And The Giant Peach (I don't care if it's not Halloween-y there's a freakin' PIRATE JACK SKELLINGTON. GAH.)

28. 9 (Woot. Scary ass fricken' demon robots. I bet they totally hang out with Freddy Fazbear and friends in an alternate reality.)

29. FrankenWeenie (STOP MOTION HNNNNG.)


31. The Nightmare Before Christmas (Whenever I went to my grandparent's house I would watch this movie at least once. One day they finally seemed to notice my unhealthy obsession LOVE for this movie they said that I could have it. That was when I was three. Then I exchanged it for a DVD version when I was ten. Then my sisters let their friend borrow it three years ago, their friend lost it, then they said that they never let their friend borrow it, but I know they are LYING, AND THEY WILL FOREVER REGRET IT. :> )

This list is like my childhood guys. I'm not even bringing up the horror movies I saw because I lost the remote in the middle of one of the SyFy channel's marathons.

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So. I'm that one person who has so many horrifying thoughts but whenever I try to draw something really scary it would be laughed off because it's either too over the top or my style doesn't seem to allow it's scary-ness to sink in. Woo.

Favourite cartoon character: Can't choose. DON'T MAKE ME CHOOSE!!!

Personal Quote: Welcome to my world, now you must be eliminated!!
Because I have ADHD, when I forget what I was about to say just before I say it I then say: My train of thought derailed...THERE WERE NO SURVIVORS.

I am bonkers, really, not like everyone else who says that they are but they really aren't. As in I used take medication, and I see therapists. So look at my art and shit. :)

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